Taliban border towns in Afghanistan: Taliban control Afghan border towns

After almost 20 years of absence, the US military has left Afghanistan. Now in Moscow, the Taliban have suddenly announced that they control 85% of the territory of the country. Local authorities have also admitted that Islam’s city of Khala, important for trade on the border of Afghanistan and Iran, has also been captured by the Taliban.

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Officials said that with Islam Kala, the city of Torghundi bordering Turkmenistan also came under Taliban control. Both towns are part of the province of Herat. With this, the Taliban occupied its borders with Iran, Turkmenistan, China, Tajikistan and Pakistan, according to Ariana News. According to Nisar Aham Nasseri, a senior official in Herat’s customs department, all activities were halted after Islam Kala had passed into the hands of the Taliban.

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85% participation
At the same time, on Friday in Moscow, Taliban official Shahabuddin Delawar claimed to have captured 85% of the country. Earlier sources told TOLO News that security forces crossed the border and went to Iran.

Meanwhile, a delegation from the Afghan government and the Taliban has arrived in Moscow where talks will be held between the two sides. The Taliban leadership is believed to have arrived in Russia to assure the Putin administration that if they come to power, Russia and its allies in Central Asia will not be threatened.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry said Zamir Kabulov, Russian ambassador to Afghanistan, had spoken with the Taliban delegation. The Russian Ambassador expressed concern at the escalation of violence and tensions in northern Afghanistan.

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