Taliban capture national radio and television offices in Afghanistan

Strong points

Taliban to begin capturing Voice of Shariah radio station, causing serious damage to Taliban in Hemland conflict
The occupation by the Taliban of the districts of Afghanistan takes on a permanent form. There are reports that fighters have captured a radio station in Lashkargah. The Taliban seized the radio station to broadcast its threats, warnings and “Voice of Shariah” propaganda. You might as well say that in the provincial capital Lashkargah, the fighting between the Taliban and the Afghan army has been going on for five days.

Seven terrorists killed in airstrike
The capture of the capital Lashkargah radio station portends the fall of Helmand province. South Helmand is already a “battlefield”. Clashes between government forces and Taliban fighters intensified. According to the Department of Defense, the United States launched an airstrike in District 1 on Monday morning in which seven Taliban were killed. MPs from Helmand said the prison and police headquarters were cordoned off.

The Taliban are hiding in the homes of ordinary people
Nine bodies and eight injured were sent to Lashkargah emergency hospital on Monday, officials said. Helmand civil society activist Mohammad Jami said fighting was taking place in Lashkargah and security forces were in a strong position there. Another activist said the Taliban hid in the homes of ordinary people and used them as shields. In this regard, recently people’s homes have been bombed.

Taliban capture television desk
According to Tolo News, Afghan security sources said the Taliban captured 12 districts in Helmand, with the exception of Qazaki district. At the same time, terrorists captured nine of the ten neighborhoods in the city of Lashkargah. Sources said all media broadcasts in Helmand have been cut off due to the escalating fighting in Lashkargah. The national television office in Lashkargahar District 1 was taken over by the Taliban on Monday. The Defense Ministry said the Taliban suffered heavy losses in the Helmand conflict.

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