Taliban ceasefire in Afghanistan: the Taliban demand the release of insurgent prisoners in Afghanistan in exchange for a ceasefire

The Taliban, who claim to have captured 85 percent of Afghan territory, have now offered peace to the Afghan government. The Taliban have said they will keep the peace for the next three months if the Afghan government releases its 7,000 fighters. This statement by the Taliban comes at a time when they have stepped up their attacks after the withdrawal of US forces. At the same time, experts say that behind this peace lies the grand strategy of the Taliban.

Meanwhile, at the request of the Taliban, Nader Naderi, the chief negotiator on behalf of the Afghan government, said it was a very big request. He said the Taliban have also demanded the removal of the names of their leaders from the United Nations blacklist. It is not yet clear how the Afghan government will react to the ceasefire offer. Earlier last year, Afghan officials agreed 5,000 prisoners would be released to resume peace talks in Doha.

A trick is behind the Taliban’s new demand
These Taliban have been released but so far the issue has not been resolved politically. At the same time, 5,000 Taliban prisoners attack the Afghan army. It is believed that there is a ruse behind this new demand from the Taliban. In fact, the Taliban terrorists have adopted the strategy of kill and run in Afghanistan. They have captured most of Afghanistan, but they are not yet able to hold it.

The Afghan military is now taking vigorous action against the Taliban. Not only that, many neighborhoods were also taken over by the Afghan army. The Taliban hope that if there is a ceasefire in this situation, the places they have occupied will continue. At the same time, with the help of the 7,000 Taliban terrorists who will be freed, their hold over the occupied lands will be further strengthened.

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