Taliban damage power lines in black Kabul

Afghanistan’s capital Kabul has plunged into darkness after the Taliban attacked power lines. Afghan energy company DABS said on Tuesday that Kabul and other parts of the country faced a blackout today. The company said the situation arose after Taliban militants damaged power lines in the northeastern province of Baglan.

Heavy damage to power lines in Baglan province
There are also difficulties in repairing a damaged power line in the Kiligai region of Baglan province. The war between the Taliban and the Afghan army continues in this area. In the midst of this, the power company is not even able to send its engineers and employees. The company wrote on Facebook that the power supply had been cut in Kabul and several other areas following damage to the power line.

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Now the Taliban are heading for the cities
Violence in Afghanistan has increased since the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan. The Taliban captured large areas of rural Afghanistan and launched attacks on towns. Clashes between the Taliban and Afghan forces continue in many cities of the country including Kandahar, Ghazni, Kabul. However, the Afghan army claimed it had stopped the advance of the Taliban.

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The Afghan army pushed back the Taliban
This special contingent of the Afghan army pushed back the Taliban from the districts of northern Afghanistan. Not only that, the Afghan army also killed the terrorists who occupied the border between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The Afghan army drove the Taliban out of Kaldar district after receiving support from local residents. Kaldar is an important strategic area in Balkh province, the northern border region of Afghanistan. Its borders are adjacent to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

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Taliban capture most of Afghan border
The Taliban have captured major highways and border posts in the provinces of Herat, Farha, Kandahar, Kunduz, Takhar and Badakhshan connecting Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Imports and exports of $ 2.9 billion go through these channels. The government of Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan is currently the total value of trade through these routes Nangarhar, Paktya, Paktika, Khost is about $ 2 billion. Even America is shocked by this well thought out plan by the terrorists.

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Kabul on the verge of tackling food shortage
Experts monitoring the war in Afghanistan believe the Taliban is increasingly trying to strategically shut down Afghan government resources used for administration, warfare, energy and even food. Taliban fighters have reached the capital Kabul. The Taliban fired several rockets during presidential prayers in Kabul on the eve of Eid-ul-Azha. The fall of these rockets in the green zone, considered very safe, created fear in the minds of people about the Taliban.

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Taliban occupy border with effective strategy
Analysts expect the capital Kabul and other government-controlled areas to face severe food and energy shortages soon if the Taliban continues to aggressively seize the borders. They think the Taliban is occupying the borders as an effective strategy. Its aim is to force the de facto government surrender.

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