Taliban declared ceasefire in Eid: 15 dead in Afghanistan, Taliban declared ceasefire in Eid – Taliban declared ceasefire in Eid 15 killed in Afghanistan

Taliban militants announced a three-day national ceasefire for the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday the same day after at least 15 civilians were killed in Afghanistan on Monday. According to the DPA news agency report, the vacation is expected to begin Wednesday or Thursday, based on the new moon sighting, but officials blamed the Taliban for the latest violence.

Taliban fighters are prohibited from entering government-controlled areas or “enemy personnel” are prohibited from entering Islamist-controlled areas. The government’s response in Kabul is still pending. The Taliban have declared a ceasefire in the past to mark the end of Ramadan. Concerns have been growing since May 1 about the security situation in Afghanistan, from which international troops have officially started their withdrawal.

This process is expected to be completed on September 11. The Homeland Security Ministry said Monday that at least 11 civilians were killed when a roadside bomb fell on a passenger bus in southern Jabul province, exposing dangers. The explosion injured 28 other passengers, the accident occurred around midnight. Meanwhile, according to a provincial police spokesperson and local politician, in Parwan province two people were killed in an explosion that carried 25 passengers. About ten people were injured during the bombardments.

In Farah province, militants detonated an armored vehicle loaded with explosives near an army outpost a few miles outside the province’s city center, officials confirmed. There were conflicting reports on casualty figures. Provincial governor Taj Mohammad Zahid told DPA two soldiers were killed and five others wounded at an outpost. However, Provincial Councilor Shah Mahmood Naeemi said the bodies of six soldiers were found under the rubble and four others were taken captive and the fate of the rest of the force is unclear. Government officials blamed the Taliban for these incidents.

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