Taliban fighters execute 22 Afghan commandos who surrendered Cream Allahu Akbar:

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Amid the ongoing violence in Afghanistan, a horrific video of Taliban brutality surfaced, seen in the video after the bullets ended, the Afghan commandos surrendered after which the terrorists started to rain. bullets on them chanting the slogan ‘Allah Hu Akbar’. dikabul
Amid the ongoing violence in Afghanistan, a very frightening video of Taliban brutality has emerged. We see in this video that the Afghan commandos surrendered to the Taliban after the end of the bullets. After that, the terrorists rained bullets on them brandishing the slogan “Allah Hu Akbar”. All 22 unarmed Afghan army commandos were victims of this ruthless killing.

According to the CNN report, this massacre was carried out on June 16 in the Daulatabad region of Faryab province in Afghanistan. Seeing the rise of the Taliban, the government sent a team of trained commandos to the United States to recapture the area. He also had the son of a retired general. When this team was surrounded by the Taliban, they asked for air support but did not get it.
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The Taliban killed unarmed soldiers
The Taliban claim that these Afghan commandos were captured after the shooting ended, but eyewitnesses and the latest video footage show that these unarmed soldiers were killed by the Taliban. This incident comes as the Taliban intensified their attack across Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops. The Taliban say they have now captured 85 areas of the country. Watch the video:

We see in the video that the Afghan soldiers are raising their hands and many people are lying on the ground. A voice comes up in this video in which it says, “Don’t shoot. do not shoot I ask for your pity in front of you. Seconds later, Taliban militants launched slogans of Allah hu Akbar and rained bullets on the unarmed soldiers.

Air support was not received even after asking for help several times
In another video, the corpses of the soldiers are seen lying on the ground. CNN claimed to have spoken to eyewitnesses. They say these commandos came from armored vehicles and fought with the Taliban for about two hours. During this time, his bullets ran out and he found himself trapped. Even after repeatedly asking for help, they did not get air support. While other soldiers betrayed these commandos.

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