Taliban from Afghanistan: Afghan soldiers fleeing the front, occupying several districts in northern Afghanistan – Afghan soldiers fleeing the front, Taliban control over many districts in northern Afghanistan

In northern Afghanistan, Taliban activity escalated after Afghan soldiers fled the frontlines and took control of many districts overnight. Giving information to this effect, officials said on Sunday that hundreds of Afghan soldiers crossed the border and went to Tajikistan.

According to a statement released by the State Committee on National Security of Tajikistan, more than 300 Afghan soldiers entered the country’s border from the Afghan province of Barakhshan as Taliban fighters marched towards the border. Afghan troops crossed the border around 6:30 p.m. local time on Saturday.

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According to the statement, “motivated by the principle of humanity and good neighbors”, the Tajik authorities authorized the retreating Afghan National Defense and Security Forces to enter the border with Tajikistan. The Taliban stepped up activities across the country in mid-April after US President Joe Biden announced the end of the ongoing “endless” war in Afghanistan.

The extremist group has benefited the most in the northern part of the country, home to the US-backed fighters who helped defeat it (the Taliban) in 2001. The Taliban currently controls one-third of the 421 districts and district centers. Afghans.

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