Taliban have banned women from leaving home now Afghan army female commandos will fight

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Women take on Taliban who impose brutal restrictions on women in Afghanistan 135 special commandos, including 20 women, have been inducted into the military. Defense Ministry says these special commandos will be deployed to war-torn areas Kabul
In Afghanistan, women have also taken up arms to confront the Taliban, which places brutal restrictions on women. In Afghanistan, 135 special commandos, including 20 women, were drafted into the army. These special commandos have received high-level training. The Afghan Ministry of Defense has said these special commandos will be deployed to war-torn areas.

The Afghan Defense Minister praised the efforts of these commandos. The recruitment of female commandos took place at a time when the whole country was burning in the heat of civil war. The Taliban claim to have captured 85% of the country’s territory and are now eyeing Kabul. Meanwhile, the Afghan army has also launched violent reprisals. Many districts have been freed from Taliban control.

The female commandos will face the Taliban

Taliban will force girls to marry their fighters
In areas under its control, the Taliban ordered women not to leave their homes alone and that men must shave their beards. The Taliban have also established new rules on dowry for girls. The Taliban also ordered that they be given a list of girls over 15 and widows under 45. The Taliban will marry these women and girls to their fighters.

Not only that, the Taliban also banned women from sewing and embroidering. Merajuddin Sharifi, a civil society activist who lives in the Takhar area, said: “The Taliban called on women not to leave the house without the men accompanying them. The Taliban threatened to take strict action against anyone who did not follow their orders. He said the Taliban are insisting on a trial without evidence. In such a situation, the inclusion of female commandos in the Afghan army is a big slap in the face.

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