Taliban have ordered men to grow beards preventing women from leaving home alone in Afghanistan

After the US forces withdrew from Afghanistan, the Taliban began to carry out horrific attacks. The Taliban say they have now captured 80 percent of Afghan districts. With the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan, its obscure laws have now returned. The Taliban have ordered in northeastern Takhar province that women must not leave their homes alone and that men must shave their beards.

Pakistani newspaper The News quoted human rights activists as saying that the Taliban has also established new rules on dowry for girls. Merajuddin Sharifi, a civil society activist who lives in Takhar, said: “The Taliban called on the women not to leave the house without the men accompanying them. He said the Taliban are insisting on a trial without evidence.

“Food prices have increased considerably in Taliban territory”
At the same time, the Takhar Provincial Council said food prices had risen dramatically in areas occupied by the Taliban. “People face a lot of problems in areas under Taliban control. There is no service there. The hospital and the school are closed. Meanwhile, the governor of Takhar province, Abdullah Karluk, said government buildings were destroyed by the Taliban. All services have been stopped in these areas.

The governor said: “The Taliban looted everything and now there is no service. Local people say that this kind of situation persists in the province is now unacceptable. A cleanup operation should be launched in the province to eliminate the Taliban. Meanwhile, the Taliban dismissed the claim and said it was propaganda against it. Meanwhile, heavy fighting between the Taliban and Afghan forces continues in the provinces of Herat, Kapisa, Takhar, Balkh, Parwan and Baghlan.

US military begins to abandon Bagram airport
The Afghan Defense Ministry said 250 Taliban fighters have been killed in 10 provinces in the past 24 hours. On the other hand, the US military has started to leave Bagram airport after nearly two decades of bloody warfare. During the war in Afghanistan, this airport was the main base of action against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

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