taliban india pakistan: taliban told india nobody can change neighbors, we can live together – taliban told india on afghan issue nobody can change neighbors

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Doubts over India’s policy on announcing the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan Taliban say they believe in living in peace with India
India’s policy towards Kabul has created an atmosphere of doubt and uncertainty amid the timing of the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan and the situation on the ground in support of the Taliban. . Meanwhile, the Taliban have said they believe in living in peace with their Indian neighbor and other countries in the region. The Taliban have also said that no country can change its neighbor.

According to the Indian Express report, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said these things in response to questions asked about India and Kashmir. Suhail Shaheen said: “Pakistan is our neighbor country. The two countries have a common history and values. India is also our regional country. No country can change its neighbor or its territory. We must certainly accept this reality and live in peaceful coexistence. It is in the best interests of all of us.

Indian officials contacted a faction of the Taliban
Suhail described the Taliban as an “Islamic nationalist force” whose goal is to “liberate the territory of Afghanistan from foreign occupation and establish an Islamic government there.” Previously, there had been reports that Indian officials had established contact with a Taliban faction. This includes Mulla Baradar. India had previously been excluded from the Afghan peace process.

Pakistan played the role of mediator in the establishment of peace and in the next phase, representatives of the Taliban and the Afghan Government were brought together for talks. Over the past two decades, India has provided $ 3 billion in development assistance to Afghanistan. For this reason, India’s influence in Afghanistan has greatly increased. This irritated Pakistan very much. However, India’s future role is now shrouded in uncertainty. This too if the Taliban emerge as a powerful force in Afghanistan.

“India’s statement undermines credibility”
In a way confirming India’s contact with the Taliban amid the new reality, the Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman said India is in contact with all parts of Afghanistan. On the other hand, Shaheen said he would not comment on these reports as he had no information about it. He said: “India said that the Taliban was inciting violence, it is completely different from the reality on the ground. This undermines their credibility on the Afghanistan issue.

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