Taliban inflicted inhuman punishment on policewoman, shot dead with eyes closed – Afghan woman shot dead, blinded by Taliban for finding employment in Ghazni police

Despite the peace agreement with the Afghan government, the terror of the Taliban does not take a name. Taliban activists not only blinded a 33-year-old woman while working in a police station with a knife in her eye, but also shot her dead. However, arriving at the hospital on time with the help of people around saved the woman’s life.

A police officer is a female victim
According to the report, Khatera, 33, worked at a police station in Ghazni province. She was appointed an officer in the criminal section of Ghazni police three months ago. He told Reuters after the attack that even if I had been attacked after doing police work for at least a year, I would not have suffered so much. Everything happened so fast. I only have three months to live my dream and work for the police.

Taliban claim to respect women’s rights
In recent months, the Taliban have said they will respect women’s rights under Sharia law. But many educated women say they doubt the Taliban’s promise. The rebel group opposed a reform to add the names of mothers to identity cards. It proves that they are working against their promise of women’s rights.

The accusation of the wife – the father attacked
The woman alleged that her father was against the job. She said my dad followed me several times when I went on duty. He contacted the Taliban in the nearby area and asked me to stop going to my job. The father also handed over a photocopy of his daughter’s professional ID card to the Taliban.

The Taliban refuse to take part in the attack
Ghazni police spokesman said the Taliban were behind the attack. Khatera’s father has also been taken into custody for conspiracy. At the same time, the Taliban denied participating in the attack. A Taliban spokesperson said he was aware of the case, but it was a family affair and he was not involved.

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