Taliban kill nearly 900 in Afghanistan in six weeks

Terror of the Taliban has increased since the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. The numbers clearly show how this radical organization has wreaked havoc. According to a police chief’s claim, the Taliban have killed at least 900 people in a single province in six weeks. These include police officers to ordinary citizens, social workers and famous comedians.

Taliban create rowdiness in Kandahar
Tadin Khan, the former police chief in Kandahar, says much of the province is controlled by Taliban fighters. He told TOLO News that the maximum number of lives had been lost in the town of Spin Boldak. This is the same border area with Pakistan where Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui was brutally murdered. Comedian Nazar Mohammad was also kidnapped from the house and then put to death.

Soldier, pro-government target
The Taliban also targeted soldiers hiding there. Tadin says some of those people may have even surrendered to the Taliban. They were promised they could return home safe and sound without a fight, but they had no mercy. Religious scholars, government employees and supporters were also killed.

more brutal Taliban
According to the DailyMail report, the Taliban are trying to present themselves as modern as before, but in reality they are still just as brutal. According to the report, women are not allowed to leave home and go to school without permission. On the other hand, the Taliban have denied these allegations. He did not take responsibility for the death of the Danish Siddiqui but said he was on the enemy vehicle, the bullet of which was killed, I do not know.

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