Taliban News: Rising Taliban Take Afghanistan Provincial Capital: Taliban Capture Provincial Capital

The Taliban, which is reinforcing itself in Afghanistan, has achieved great success. Taliban fighters captured Zaranj, the capital of the southern province of Nirmoz, on Friday. In Kabul, Taliban assailants shot dead a senior Afghan government spokesperson. For this reason, the government of Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan suffered two major setbacks in one day. The Taliban have warned that this is the start and will see how other provinces will fall into our hands very soon.

Nimroj police spokesman blamed the government
A police spokesman in southern Nimroj province said the capital fell to radical Islamists due to a lack of reinforcements from the Zaranj government. Zaranj is said to be the first provincial capital whose government lost control after the US agreement with the Taliban in February 2020. Afghan fighters also besieged the capitals of Herat and Kandahar province.

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Taliban said importance of capturing Nimroj
A local source said the Taliban captured the governor’s office, police headquarters and a camp near the Iranian border. Taliban fighters were seen celebrating after the capture. After the capture of Zaranj by the Taliban, the morale of his fighters is expected to increase further. A Taliban commander said Zaranj was of strategic importance as it shares a border with Iran.

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Two shocks for the Afghan government in one day
In Kabul, Taliban assailants also began killing government officials in an attempt to undermine the democratically elected government of President Ashraf Ghani. Taliban fighters on Friday killed Dawa Khan Mainapal, the head of the state media and information center in Kabul. At the same time, an official from the Afghan Federal Interior Ministry said Menapal was killed by “savage” terrorists during Friday prayers.

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US expresses grief over killing of Afghan spokesperson
After his assassination, the American charge d’affaires Ross Wilson said he was saddened and disappointed by Mayapal’s death. He described Mainpal as a true friend who provided real information to all Afghans. He said the killings were an insult to Afghan human rights and freedom of expression. In recent months, the Taliban have killed hundreds of millions of social activists, journalists, bureaucrats, judges and public figures struggling to maintain a liberal Islamic administration in order to suppress dissent.

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Abdul Rashid Dostum’s militia commander killed
On the other hand, the Afghan army and Abdul Rashid Dostum’s militia have also suffered from the ongoing war with the Taliban. At least 10 Afghan soldiers and a commander belonging to the Dostum militia were killed in clashes with the Taliban in the northern province of Jozzan. The Taliban carried out violent attacks on the outskirts of Sheberghan (the provincial capital) this week and a commander of pro-government militias loyal to Dostum was killed in violent clashes, said Abdul Kader Malia, vice-governor of the province. by Jowjan.

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