Taliban news: Russia deploys Tu-22M3 nuclear bomber to Afghan border, will it attack the Taliban? – why russia deployed a tu-22m3 long range bomber near the afghan border in uzbekistan, the taliban, the war in afghanistan

Faced with the growing influence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Russia has decided to deploy its dangerous Tu-22M3 nuclear bomber on the Uzbek border. This happens for the first time that Russia has planned to deploy four units of its nuclear bombers flying at supersonic speed to another country. Nuclear-capable Tu-22M3 bombers were seen during exercises by the Russian Air Force.

Russian nuclear bombers will participate in the exercise
On Thursday, the Interfax news agency quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying that the four nuclear bombers that will be deployed on the border between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan will participate in the military exercise. The ministry said the bombers would travel to the exercise site from the Russian town of Saratov and during the exercise they would demonstrate their capabilities alongside Air Force MiG-29 fighters. Uzbek.

Russia warned by rise of Taliban, sent tanks and weapons to Tajikistan-Afghanistan border
The Russian army also reached the Afghan border with a tank
In view of the growing threats to peace and stability in Central Asia, Russia has deployed extensive military equipment, including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles along the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. There are reports that Russia and Tajikistan will conduct joint military exercises on the border with Afghanistan in the coming days. Russia has deployed 17 infantry fighting vehicles to Tajikistan to strengthen its military base. The first batch of BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles was delivered to Dushanbe a day earlier with the help of Russian Air Force transport planes. Russian tanks are already stationed near the Afghan-Tajik border.

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Russian army patrols T-72 tanks
A few days ago, Russian tanks stationed at a military base in neighboring Tajikistan patrolled 200 kilometers near the Afghan border, Russian news agency Tass reported, citing Russia’s Central Military District. During this time, the crew of the T-72 tank practiced guarding the convoy and pushing back the enemy. The statement said Russian tanks covered combat vehicles as they approached the border.

Taliban regime arrives in Afghanistan, Russia has launched army in Tajikistan and sent tanks
The large Russian military base in Tajikistan
The Russian army in Tajikistan has the largest military base on foreign soil. Russian army personnel, tanks, guns and fighter planes are stationed there at all times. Their number also continues to increase during maneuvers. It is said that due to the ongoing unrest in Afghanistan, Russia has decided to deploy more troops and weapons along the border to help its friendly country.

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How dangerous is the Tu-22M3 bomber
The Tu-22M3 was developed from the Tu-22M of the Soviet Union. Which is capable of attacking up to a distance of 5100 km at supersonic speed. The maximum speed of this deadly bomber capable of carrying out a nuclear attack is 2300 kilometers per hour. This bomber, 40 meters long and 34 meters wide, flies using a turbojet. Recently, two Tu-22M3 prototypes were manufactured, which are currently being tested in flight.

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This bomber can dodge the radar
This Russian bomber is able to fly low enough to avoid radar capture. The US-led military organization, NATO, named it Backfire-C. It also has an in-flight refueling nose for in-flight refueling. This further increases its reach. Russia has also tested its ship on the Syrian battlefield. Where he destroyed many terrorist bases with his fierce bombing.

Why America is afraid of the Tu-22M3
US Navy aircraft carriers are considered symbols of US naval power around the world. With the help of this, America easily conducts military operations thousands of miles from its territory. In such a situation, if a missile that destroys these aircraft carriers arrives in Russia, it can become of concern to America. New US President Joe Biden has already shown a firm stance on Russia. In such a situation, it is believed that in the near future, the tension between the two countries could increase further.

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