Taliban on China: Taliban say China is welcome friend for reconstruction in Afghanistan and won’t give Uyghurs asylum

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Taliban welcome Chinese dragon as “friend” in Afghanistan Taliban say they want to negotiate Chinese investment in reconstruction of Afghanistan
The Taliban have welcomed China, which eyes Afghanistan’s trillion-dollar mineral wealth, as its “friend.” The Taliban have also said they want to hold talks about China’s investment in rebuilding Afghanistan as soon as possible. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said his group now controls 85 percent of the country’s territory. Shaheen, while supporting China on Uyghur Muslims, said that we will not give refuge to anti-dragon Uyghur fighters in our country.

Suhail Shaheen said he guarantees the safety of Chinese investments and their workers if they return. Suhail Shaheen said in a conversation with This Week in Asia: “We welcome China. If they want to invest, we will ensure their safety. The safety of Chinese investments and their workers is of great importance to us. Suhail said the Taliban would no longer give refuge to Chinese Uyghur Muslim separatist fighters in their country.
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“If China invests, we will ensure its security”
Previously, many Uyghur fighters had come to Afghanistan to seek asylum. Suhail claimed that the Taliban would prevent al-Qaeda or any other terrorist organization from operating from Afghan soil. This statement by a Taliban spokesperson comes at a time when Taliban fighters are moving very quickly in the northern region of the country against a backdrop of withdrawal of American troops. US intelligence predicts that the Afghan government in Kabul could fall within 6 months of the withdrawal of US troops and that after nearly 20 years the Taliban could regain power in Afghanistan.

Suhail Shaheen said that after the withdrawal of US troops, it is necessary that the necessary talks take place with China, which is the biggest investor in Afghanistan. He said, “We have good relations with China. China is a friendly country and we applaud China’s reconstruction and development work in Afghanistan. If China invests, we will ensure its security.

Trillion dollars of wealth is hidden in Afghanistan
Afghanistan has one of the world’s largest reserves of copper, coal, iron, gas, cobalt, mercury, gold, lithium and thorium. Their total value is estimated at around a trillion dollars. In 2011, the Chinese company won contracts worth $ 400 million for three oil fields. China has also obtained the right to excavate copper in Logar province. It is only 40 km from Kabul.
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China urges Pakistan on Afghanistan
China urged Pakistan to step up cooperation to deal with security threats posed by the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban. China has also advocated “tripartite cooperation” between Beijing, Islamabad and Kabul. According to the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, “China, along with Pakistan, would like to support all parties to find a political solution through dialogue in Afghanistan, and promote long-term coordination and cooperation. long-term cooperation between communities. »Desirous of working for peace.

Wang made the statement on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Pakistan. “(China and Pakistan) should together protect regional peace,” he said. The problems in Afghanistan are practical challenges that China and Pakistan face. “Strengthening dialogue between countries with an interest in it can control the indirect effects of security threats in Afghanistan and prevent the escalation of international and regional terrorism, thus maintaining regional stability,” the minister said. Wang said the focus should be on strengthening “trilateral cooperation” by increasing Afghanistan’s role in the China-Pakistan economic corridor.

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