Taliban receives 3 billion rupees at checkpoints wrested from Afghan forces

Islamabad / Kandahar
The fate of the Taliban terrorists changed when they captured the border post built in the Spin Boldak region of Kandahar province in Afghanistan, adjacent to Pakistan. Treasure worth three billion rupees has been found in the hands of Taliban terrorists. That money had fled the Afghan army, which has now been captured by Taliban terrorists. The Taliban issued a statement confirming receipt of the money.

Pakistani television station Jio News gave this information. Since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Taliban militants have continued to carry out horrific attacks. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen says 85 percent of the country’s land area is now under Taliban rule. On Wednesday, the Taliban captured the border post built at Spin Boldak. The Taliban are trying to capture all border posts with other countries so that income from border trade can be captured.
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Customs service taken over by the Taliban
Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in a statement: “The Taliban have taken control of border towns in Kandahar province. After the capture of this Boldak tower and the important road between Chaman and Kandahar, the customs service also came under the control of the Taliban. Pakistani security forces have also confirmed the Taliban occupation.

On the other hand, the Afghan Ministry of Defense has said it is investigating this latest development. The Taliban removed the Afghan government flag here and put their white flags in its place. Pakistani analysts say Afghan security forces collected 3 billion rupees by accepting bribes from smugglers, who have now been captured by the Taliban. Meanwhile, attacks by Taliban terrorists continue against Afghan security forces.

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