Taliban Russia: Jaishankar in Russia over the Taliban

Expressing concern at the escalation of violence in Afghanistan, India said on Friday that the “legitimacy” of who should rule in the war-torn country is important and should not be ignored. He also called for an immediate reduction in violence in Afghanistan. Foreign Minister S. “We are certainly concerned about developments in Afghanistan,” Jaishankar said at a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov.

His remarks come as the Taliban have seized dozens of districts and are believed to control a third of the country in recent weeks following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan on September 11.

Jaishankar said: “We insist that the violence must stop. Violence cannot be the solution to the situation in Afghanistan. After all, who rules Afghanistan is the legitimate part of it. I think it should not be ignored.

“For more than 30 years, there have been international conferences, groups formed, many cadres to discuss the establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan. If we want peace in and around Afghanistan, it is important that India and Russia work together to ensure continued economic and social progress. We are determined to build a free, sovereign and democratic Afghanistan.

America has left Afghanistan, now claimed by the Taliban in Russia, “85% of the area is under our control”
India, a major player in peace and stability in Afghanistan, supports the national peace and reconciliation process. India has been watching the political situation there closely since the United States signed a peace deal with the Taliban. India said it remains committed to providing continued support to Afghanistan during its transition.

After almost 20 years of absence, the US military has left Afghanistan. Now in Moscow, the Taliban have suddenly announced that they control 85% of the territory of the country. Local authorities have also admitted that Islam’s city of Khala, important for trade on the border of Afghanistan and Iran, has also been captured by the Taliban.

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