Taliban say Afghan President Ashraf Ghani must be sacked to reach peace deal

Strong points

Taliban activists announce that for peace, Ashraf Ghani will have to resign from Islamabad
Taliban militants have said that peace cannot be established in Afghanistan until the country’s president, Ashraf Ghani, steps down from power. The Taliban have also said they do not want a monopoly on power. He said that after Ghani’s withdrawal, a new government will have to be formed in the country through talks. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said this in an interview.

Suhail Shaheen is also a member of the bargaining team. The spokesperson said the Taliban would lay down their arms when Ghani’s government left and take control of a government acceptable to all parties involved in the conflict. Shaheen said, “I want to make it clear that we do not believe in a monopoly of power because no government that in the past intended to monopolize power in Afghanistan has proven to be an effective government.
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Called Ghani as the instigator of the war
He also directly included the Taliban’s five-year tenure in that assessment. He also said: ‘So we don’t want to repeat the same formula.’ A Taliban spokesman, meanwhile, called Ghani a war provocateur and claimed he pledged action against the Taliban in a speech he gave on Tuesday on the occasion of Bakrid. Last week, Abdullah Abdullah, who was number two in the government, held high-level talks with Taliban leaders in Doha.

In this dialogue, emphasis was placed on continuing the dialogue and protecting the security of citizens and the country’s infrastructure. Shaheen described the talks as a good start, adding that the government’s continued demand for a ceasefire amounted to demanding the Taliban surrender while Ghani was in power. “They don’t want reconciliation, they want to surrender,” the Taliban spokesman said. “Before a ceasefire, a new government is agreed upon, acceptable to us and to other Afghans, and then there will be no war,” he said.

Women will get freedom: the Taliban
Shaheen said under this new government, women would be allowed to work, go to school and participate in politics, but they would have to wear a hijab or headscarf. She said women would not need a male relative to leave their homes and that Taliban commanders ordered universities, schools and markets in the newly occupied districts to operate as before, with the participation of women and girls.

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