Taliban step up attacks in Afghanistan after US returns

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The chances of peace in Afghanistan, which has faced decades of civil war, are not visible long after the announcement of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the terrorist organization has stepped up its bloody game. There are 226 people killed, 157 security personnel are in Kabul
In Afghanistan, which has faced decades of civil war, prospects for peace are not visible from afar. After the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban terrorist organization stepped up its bloody game. The Taliban have launched violent attacks in 141 locations in the past 24 hours. According to Afghan media, 226 people, including 157 security personnel, have been killed in the past 24 hours.

The government claims to have also killed more than 100 Taliban militants while acting vigorously. In the past 30 days, 428 security guards and civilians have been killed. At the same time, more than 500 people were injured. Bomb explosions took place in 190 locations. In the latest incident, a bomb exploded near a school in western Afghanistan on Monday, killing 21 people. Most of the injured are students.

Abdul Jabbar Shahiq, head of the health department in Farah province, said the injured had been admitted to nearby hospitals. They reported that at least 10 of the injured were between the ages of 7 and 13. Shahiq said the condition of the three injured was critical. No organization has claimed responsibility for the attack, although Taliban fighters are present in the area.

Attacks in Jabul, Kandahar, Nanagarhar, Badakhshan and Takhar regions
Most of the Taliban’s attacks took place in the Uruzgan, Jabul, Kandahar, Nanagarhar, Badakhshan and Takhar areas. The Taliban stepped up their attacks after US President Joe Biden announced his withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Taliban have full support from the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. More recently, US lawmaker and President Joe Biden’s special, Jack Reid, blamed Pakistan for the US military’s defeat in Afghanistan.

Reid said the reason behind the Taliban’s roots in Afghanistan is its havens in Pakistan. These bases have greatly contributed to the success of the Taliban. He also said Pakistan had tried to take advantage of both sides of the war in Afghanistan. Senate Armed Services Chairman Jack Reid told the U.S. Parliament that a major contribution to the Taliban’s success is the failure of the United States to eliminate the safe haven the Taliban is obtaining in the United States. Pakistan.

Pak government and ISI help Taliban
Citing a recent study, Reid said the Taliban would be empowered by having a secure base in Pakistan and government support there through organizations such as Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). He said we cannot destroy the Taliban shelters in Pakistan, this failure has turned out to be our biggest mistake in this war. He also stressed that, as stated by the Afghan Study Group (working under the direction of Congress), these shelters are necessary for terrorism. In addition, the Pakistani ISI has aided the Taliban by working with the United States to exploit the opportunities.

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