taliban tajikistan redeployment of russian forces: the taliban regime arrives in afghanistan, russia has launched an army in tajikistan, sent tanks

The atmosphere in Central Asia has become tense due to the growing Taliban occupation in Afghanistan. Faced with this Taliban threat, Russia has now sent its army and large-scale heavy weapons to Tajikistan. Russia will now conduct a major exercise with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Not only that, Russia is closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan.

Russia last month warned that the Collective Security Treaty Organization would take decisive action if aggressive or provocative action was taken on the border of any of its member countries. Russian forces in Tajikistan have now been moved from their permanent base in Dushanbe to the Harb Maidan training area, which is adjacent to the Afghan border.

Exercises between the armies of Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan
The Russian military issued a statement saying, “Russian forces stationed at Military Base 201 in Tajikistan have been regrouped at Harb Maidan. There will be an exercise between the armies of Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The soldiers who have been deployed along the Afghan border include rifle units, tanks, artillery regiments and anti-aircraft troops. Apart from that, a helicopter unit was also deployed.

Videos that have gone viral on social media show tanks, armed vehicles, trucks, artillery and other Russian units moving on the local road to their hideout. Meanwhile, Russian soldiers are protected using Mi-24 gunships. The distance between Dushanbe and the training area is approximately 200 km. During this exercise was done to protect the convoy and give an appropriate response to the enemy attack. Tajikistan is a member of the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization. Uzbekistan is not a member but maintains close military ties with Russia.

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