Taliban terrorists brutally beat child in Afghanistan because his father was an Afghan soldier

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Taliban atrocities on the rise in Afghanistan: the son of the father of an Afghan soldier violently beaten Taliban terrorists looting the properties of the people of Kabul
The Taliban are setting a new record of atrocities and brutality in Afghanistan. The young, old, women and children of the country all bear the brunt of the terrorist organization. Public hope appears to be shaken by the Taliban’s claim that nearly 90 percent of Afghanistan is under terrorist control. The government finds itself alone and weak on all fronts. Whether it is a military front or a meeting of peace talks. After withdrawing his army, US President Joe Biden said the future of Afghanistan was in the hands of the Afghans.

Innocent injured admitted to hospital
The Taliban have put a question mark on the future of the Afghans. Children who had to go to school fight against terrorists. On Monday, an Afghan Ministry of Defense spokesperson posted a photo in which a child appeared to be seriously injured. This child was beaten with 100 whips by the terrorists. In the photo, the child is admitted to a hospital. This image is proof that no one is able to escape the oppression of the Taliban.

The brutality of the Taliban in Afghanistan

terrorists kill innocent people
Tweeting the photo, spokesman Fawad Aman wrote: “Taliban terrorists brutally beat a child in Sherin-Tagab district of Faryab province because his father was an Afghan soldier. He further wrote that the Taliban are killing innocent civilians and looting the property of people in their occupied areas every day. This is not the first case of Taliban brutality. Recently, many examples of this have been presented by terrorist organizations.

The brutal murder of a famous comedian
A few days ago, the Taliban brutally murdered the famous Afghan comedian Nazar Mohammad Khasha. A video taken before the incident was also released by the group, in which Taliban fighters beat Nazar. According to reports, meanwhile, Nazar is also making the last joke of his life and giving the Taliban a response after death. The world is in shock after the video of the incident is broadcast.

Indian journalist accused of murder
It is shown in the video that Nazar was repeatedly slapped in the face while sitting inside a car. His hands were tied and several fighters surrounded him. According to reports, after that he was tied to a tree and then murdered by slitting his throat. It is not known when he was killed after being kidnapped. Earlier, the Taliban were also accused of killing Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui.

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