Taliban terrorists in Pakistan: Taliban say they have no connection with Pakistan-based terrorist organizations

The Taliban, who have extended their control over cities one by one in Afghanistan, have made it clear that they have no connection with the terrorist organizations that are growing in Pakistan. The media quoted a Taliban spokesman as saying that organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed would not be allowed to use Afghan soil against other countries.

“No relation to the terrorists of Pak”
In an interview with DNA, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said they have no affiliation with organizations in Pakistan. Reports that surfaced a few days ago claimed that Pakistani terrorists and intelligence agencies are waging a war against the Taliban. It was also claimed that Taliban fighters were being trained in Hyderabad, Pakistan.

Taliban blow to Imran Khan government, “Pakistan cannot dictate us,” expressed hope for equity in India
Ghani pointed the finger at Pakistan
This information was reinforced by a statement by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, in which he highlighted a link between Pakistan and the Taliban. He even told the Taliban that if they liked Afghanistan, they wouldn’t accept the Durand Line. This border was drawn by Great Britain between the two countries, which Kabul does not accept.

“Fair India”
Shaheen also rejected the idea of ​​meeting with representatives from India. He expressed hope that India will be fair on this issue. At the same time, he also claimed to protect the rights of women. Shaheen says that women will be granted freedom of education and work based on the rules of Islam.

India gives arms to the Afghan government: the Taliban
Earlier in another interview, a Taliban spokesperson said India favors the Afghan government put in place by foreigners. They are not with us. If they stick to their policy of supporting the government imposed on Afghans, perhaps they should be concerned. It is bad policy that will not protect them. India has been vigilant in supporting any military organization or militia in Afghanistan from the very beginning. India has also learned a lot from defense assistance to the Northern Alliance. Shaheen said: “We have received reports from our commanders that India is providing arms to the other side. How is it possible that they want to talk to the Taliban but are practically providing weapons, drones, everything to Kabul? It’s contradictory.

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