Taliban vs Sikh: Taliban restored Nishan Sahib to Gurdwara Thala Sahib Chamkani Paktia Afghanistan

Strong points

Taliban activists once again hoisted the religious flag on the roof of Gurdwara Thal Sahib in Paktia province. This gurdwara is very important to Sikhs and Sri Guru Nanak Dev has also been here. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said claimed that his organization had destroyed Nishan Sahib. Abducted Kabul
After global protests, Taliban activists once again hoisted the religious flag, Nishan Sahib, on the roof of holy Gurudwara Thal Sahib in Paktia province. This Gurdwara is very important to Sikhs and Sri Guru Nanak Dev also came here. Earlier, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen had claimed that they had not fired Nishan Sahib. The Taliban were exposed after footage of the incident went viral.

After all-out criticism, the Taliban have now reinstated Nishan Sahib. After this Taliban move, there was a lot of anger among Sikhs around the world. Previously, it was clearly visible in the photos of the Gurudwara that Nishan Sahib had been removed. This Nishan Sahib was installed on the roof of the Gurudwara. The Taliban have been accused of insulting other religions by following the line of Islamic fundamentalism, but the organization recently claimed to convert.

There is terror in the area
Atrocities against Afghan Sikh and Hindu minorities continued in the war-torn areas of Afghanistan for decades. In particular, the Paktia region had been a stronghold of the Mujahedin and Taliban / Haqqani groups since the 1980s. The terror of the Taliban was such that the Afghan government had no interference here.

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Nidan Singh Sachdev was only kidnapped by last year. He had reached the Gurudwara for service before the month of Sawan. He was then released. The Taliban orgy has grown since the departure of the US military. According to media reports, Taliban fighters demolished 11 towers of the state-run Salaam telecommunications network in Paktia. The technical equipment installed here was also confiscated.

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