Tanks, cannons, missiles, rockets … Chinese maneuvers with devastating weapons in Depsang

Amid the lingering tensions in Ladakh, the Chinese military is engaged in maneuvers with devastating weapons in the Depsang region. It is claimed that the location of the Chinese military maneuvers is only 36 kilometers from Daulat Old Begi, India’s highest airstrip. Seeing snow in the exercise area, it is assumed that the Chinese military did so recently.

PLA video of shared maneuvers
Video of the maneuver goes viral on social media, in which Chinese PLA army soldiers prepare for war in fierce cold. Meanwhile, Chinese soldiers use tanks, cannons, multiple rocket launchers, and anti-aircraft guns.

China is maneuvering 36 km from DBO!
The video posted to the open source intelligence Twitter account @detresfa_ claimed that the Chinese military maneuvers are just 36 kilometers east of Daulat Old Beggy (DBO), India’s highest airstrip. In such a situation, this maneuver can be a danger bell for India. Explain that China is already eyeing Daulat Old Bagi near the Chinese border. Just a few days ago, Rakesh Singh Bhadoria, Chief of the Indian Air Force, also visited this airstrip.

Daulat Baig Oldi is under Chinese surveillance
BOD, known as the highest point of Indian territory in Ladakh, is located just 7 kilometers from the Chinese border. During the war with China, Daulat Old Bagi to Indian Air Force cargo ships to fighter jets can use this runway. The Daulat Beg Oldi airstrip, built during the Indochina War of 1962, has been kept in active mode these days by the Air Force. Several helicopters and air force ships take off and land from here.

Depsang is strategically important
Depsang is a land area located between the hills. During the 1962 war, China illegally occupied parts of the region. The western part of the area is occupied by the Indian army, while the eastern part houses the Chinese army post. From here, Daulat Old Bagi airfield, strategically important in India, is also very close. China’s decision is to create tension here and influence Daulat Old Bagi’s readiness for operations.

What’s the catch in the Depsang area
There is also a dead end in Depsang. Here, Chinese troops continue to stop Indian army patrols at patrol points 10, 11, 12 and 13. The Indian army traditionally patrols at these four points. Depsang, located north of Galvan, is strategically very important. This is because it is close to the India Post on the strategically important Daulat Beg Oldi adjacent to the Karakoram Pass.

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