Tanzanian MP Condester Sichwale fired from Parliament because her pants are too tight

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In Tanzania, MP Kondester Sichwale was kicked out of parliament for wearing tight pants.
A shameful incident has emerged from the African country of Tanzania. MP Kondester Sichwale was told to leave the Tanzanian parliament only because she was wearing pants that were too tight. Condestar is a member of the ruling CCM party and is also a minister. The complaint against Condester was brought by an MP from his own party, Hussain Amar. This incident provoked other women parliamentarians in the country.

Following MP Amar’s complaint, the Speaker of Parliament ordered him to leave the House and come back dressed in appropriate clothing. It is not yet clear whether Condestar has returned from Parliament. After this order from the president, other women parliamentarians in parliament got angry and called it injustice and demanded an apology.

“Send guidelines for decent attire”
Photos of Condestar leaving Parliament are going viral on social media. The shameful incident is said to have occurred as a debate was taking place inside parliament in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania. In this, Condestar and MP Amar participated. At the end of the Parliament session, Amar rose from his seat and asked President Job Ndugai to issue guidelines for “decent” attire.

Amar said: “The dress code is clear, but here MPs wear such clothes that are not“ decent. ”When asked who Amar was referring to, he pointed to Condestar. He said: ‘This MP is to my right. He wears a T-shirt but please call him in front and see how he wears tight pants.

A group of women parliamentarians became enraged over the incident.
Amar said that Parliament is a mirror of Tanzanian society and that some of our sisters have been a kind of strange fabric. What do they want to show to society? The speaker then told Condestar to leave. Meanwhile, a group of women parliamentarians were furious at the whole incident and called it an injustice. He also said there was nothing wrong with Condester’s dress. This incident in Parliament is also heavily criticized on social networks.

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