Tara Ataya, New Director of Human Resources and Diversity at Hootsuite

Hootsuite announces the promotion of Tara Ataya, formerly Vice President of People, to Chief People and Diversity Officer. In his new role, he will heighten Hootsuite’s focus on the employee experience as the company grows and evolves its business and moves into a new global workforce. Tara orchestrated Hootsuite’s diversity strategies to quickly implement them across the company and represent the voice of C-Suite employees.

“Tara’s appointment as Director of Human Resources and Diversity reflects well the great impact she has had throughout her career in people management, leadership, culture and talent,” said Tom Keizer, CEO of Hootsuite. “We believe that our customers’ experience and the growth of the business depend on highly engaged, trained and skilled employees.” With Tara at the helm, we’ve ensured that these voices are heard in all aspects of Hootsuite’s organizational structure. “

In this new role, Ataya will work to deliver an exceptional employee experience and strengthen the company as a whole.

“As an empathetic leader, deeply committed to a great and fair employee experience, Ataya will serve as a staunch steward of the Hootsuite people experience, fostering progress and belonging in a new virtual and global landscape,” said Keizer.

Ataya, who joined Hootsuite nearly a month before the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, has since shaped the company’s focus on the employee experience, fostering an environment of choice when it comes to how and where its employees work and the benefits they receive.

During a career that has encompassed human resources and people development, performance management, and human resource technology in SaaS and professional services companies, Ataya has earned his reputation as a seasoned leader in business management. people through various leading mergers, divestitures and acquisitions in the industry. He has also held regional and global positions for Vision Critical, Sierra Systems and Deloitte.

“At Hootsuite, we help our clients engage with their partners on a social level, but most importantly, we seek to empower the power of human connection,” said Ataya. “By giving priority to our employees, we taste our own champagne. We cannot encourage clients to have deep and meaningful social connections without leading the charge internally ourselves.

Ataya strives to diversify the company’s growing employee base globally and to champion the goals of diversity, equity and inclusion across the organization. The new role formalizes Hootsuite’s commitment to DE&I, ensuring that work is prioritized based on design.

“When we consider the strength and richness that diversity brings to an organization, we understand that the evolution of Hootsuite’s global employee base is not only the right thing to do, but enables better business solutions that represent our customers and our communities, ”he said. Ataya. “We have everything to gain in a journey to expand diversity, ensure fairness and create a sense of belonging in the workplace.”

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