Tasks and Scheduler in Microsoft Teams will have more labels and colors

Tasks within Microsoft Teams, both Tasks and Planner, continue to grow. A small problem related to the lack of colors and labels had been detected to be able to widely use these applications. Fortunately, the team must already be working on it.

Tasks and Scheduler add new labels and colors to teams

The reality is that in small businesses, it might not be as necessary to define a large number of colors. However, in large companies, differentiation between different projects and processes is necessary. This is why this option is so popular among Teams users. Microsoft itself has agreed to this as we show you below:

“More labels allow more flexibility in the organization of tasks. Use the labels to mark risks, indicate delays, prioritize tasks, clarify things or categorize tasks, ”says Microsoft.

So, now we will have in the planner and the tasks in the teams with 25 different labels and colors. A marked improvement from just six colors and labels which were insufficient for most users.

According to the Microsoft 365 admin center, this feature will arrive in the coming days. If you haven’t received it yet, you will have to wait a little longer. But luckily Microsoft has listened to this user demand to dramatically improve the use of these apps in Teams.

Almost all projects require more than six tags, unless we simplify them to the point where those apps would no longer be useful in the organization. We hope that these apps will continue to improve with user feedback, which is essential for spotting potential limitations and issues.

Teams has become an essential tool for companies. It is very important to also have the tools in Teams, in order to avoid having to use other applications and this becomes our epicenter.

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