Teacher suspended for forcing student into pit toilet looking for cell phone in South Africa: Principal arrested for sending student to toilet pit in South Africa

In South Africa, a school principal was convicted of attempted murder and arrested after forcing an 11-year-old student into a toilet pit. According to local media, the principal’s phone fell into the toilet pit and sent the student to pick it up.

Licensed teacher
Lubeko Magandella, the principal of Luthoothu Junior High School in the Eastern Cape Province, was fired and officers are investigating the incident before being taken for a disciplinary hearing. The incident happened earlier this month when Magandella accidentally dropped her phone in the school bathroom.

Promised to give money
It is alleged that he sent the student to the toilet pit to hang up the phone using a rope. The student did not receive the call and walked out stained with dirt. The principal promised the student 200 rand ($ 13) for this work but only 50 rand (three dollars). The student’s grandmother told the South African newspaper “Ground Up” that she was happy the case was investigated.

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