Team video calls have two important characteristics

Video calling has become a vital experience in our life over the past year or so. But Microsoft Teams employees are always finding ways to improve their service. This time we are going to talk about two very interesting new features.

Even better video calling with Microsoft Teams

First, the Raise Your Hand function will be much easier to use in video calls and we can use it with a shortcut. Currently, to use the function, you need to click on the hand in the “Feedback and raise your hand” drop-down menu. Users have complained that it’s not very accessible, and on UserVoice Microsoft confirmed that they are looking for a keyboard shortcut to make the feature easier to use:

Thank you for sending us your review. The team has started working on this feature for both Windows and Mac desktop web clients. We’ll share an update as soon as it’s available.

Accessible features help not only people with disabilities, but everyone when, for example, you only have one hand available or you want to do something faster, so we are considering implementing the feature in a near future.

Hosts will be able to disable everyone else’s camera

Video call organizers may want to mute someone’s video for a number of reasons, including someone accidentally showing something in the video that they are not supposed to do and can be distracting. Whatever the reason, hosts should soon be able to control which video sources appear in a meeting.


Features are listed for all major platforms. This suggests that it will hit a wide variety of devices. Something very handy for the hosts to have more control. It can be very annoying for some presentations to have people with their cameras active while distracting the host.

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