Teams 2.0 deployment and integration into Windows 11 begins

Windows 11 isn’t just a nice overhaul and facelift, it’s also an innovation. Widgets, Android apps or Teams integration are good proof of this. Today we come to tell you about this latest feature, which comes with the preview version of Microsoft Teams 2.0. Microsoft’s collaborative work application has been completely rewritten to deliver superior performance and efficiency.

The new Teams experience is coming to Windows 11

Teams 2.0 notifications on Windows 11

Through a note on the Windows Blog, Microsoft announced the availability of Teams integration in the taskbar of Windows 11 and version 2.0 of the application. At this time, only certain users of the Windows Insider Dev Channel will be able to take advantage of this feature. Also, the rollout is starting in the US, so most of us won’t be able to access it yet.

The version of Teams that will be included in Windows 11 is not the one full of features and designed for work, but the one focused on consumers. Known colloquially as “Teams for Life”, this version is lighter and simpler than the regular version and seeks to replace other services such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

By simply clicking on the Windows 11 taskbar icon, we can access this new function. From there we can see our recent conversations and chat with our family and friends. All of this very quickly and easily and regardless of what other windows we have opened. It will be displayed at the top, just like the Start menu.

New Microsoft Teams 2.0 design

In case we want to open the full application, we have to click on the text “Open Microsoft Teams” located at the bottom. This will lead us to what we have dubbed “Teams 2.0”, totally rewritten to deliver better performance and greater efficiency.

This new application uses Edge WebView2, leveraging the power of the web. Also, at the code level, he ditched Angular to only use React.js. The application’s loading times and RAM consumption should improve considerably. These changes will also come later in the version of Teams for business.

For the moment, this first version only supports conversations and sending files. Later, it will allow calls and video calls. What do you think of this Windows 11 Teams integration and the new app? Do you plan to use it with your family and friends?

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