Teams and Outlook are better integrated with this new feature

Microsoft Teams for desktop has a new feature that will deepen its integration with Outlook. This feature will make it easier for Outlook users to share emails in Teams chats and channels.

It was Jeff Teper, CVP of Microsoft 365, who shared this news via Twitter. Apparently, the feature is already being rolled out for all Outlook users, so if you haven’t received it yet, it’s only a matter of time.

Teams and Outlook improve their relationship

For example, Outlook’s new “Share with Teams” button allows users to share an email (including its attachments) through Teams, either through a Teams chat or channel.

After using this feature, the Teams desktop app will create a copy of the email and its attachments, and recipients will be able to preview the message. If they want to see all of the content, they have to click on it.

Only those who have the “Share with teams” additional module will be able to benefit from this new experience of integration between the two services. This is installed automatically when the user runs the web version or desktop application of Microsoft Collaborative Work Tool for the first time since the feature is available.

Using it is as easy as following the steps below:

Click the “Share with teams” button in the “Home” or “Start” tab. Write the name of the chat or channel you want to share the email in and add any details you feel are relevant in the blank space. If the email includes attachments, select the “Include Attachments” option and click “Share” to finish.

For now, this new feature will be available in Outlook for Windows, Outlook Web, and the new Outlook for Mac preview. There is no information on the arrival date in the mobile applications yet. If you want to know more about this new feature, you can go to the support page.

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