Teams have the ability to create polls during meetings

The speed at which Microsoft is improving Teams is overwhelming. The importance of this tool has grown exponentially and there is no time to waste if it is to lead the juicy business communication market. Today, the guys at Microsoft are announcing the arrival of polls at Teams meetings, a feature that will help strengthen those spaces even further.

Investigations burst into teams


With the integration of this functionality, meeting participants will be able to create polls before each Teams meeting. These will be located in one place under one tab during the meeting. In addition, throughout the meeting, participants can create surveys to answer from any platform (mobile, desktop or web).

Once we publish the survey, it will appear as a pop-up on participants’ screens as well as in group chat. This ensures that everyone responds to the surveys. The creators of the survey will be able to configure it by adding the possibility of anonymous responses. They will also have the option of closing it to no longer accept replies. In addition, all participants will be able to see the results in real time and those who did not respond will have the option to do so after the meeting is over if the survey has not yet been closed.

As announced by Microsoft, Teams surveys, based on Microsoft Forms, will be available through the following plans: Microsoft 365 for businesses, businesses, education, and frontline workers, as well as the Office 365 plan for businesses.

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