Teams no longer works in Internet Explorer. What to do now?

There was a time when Internet Explorer was second to none in web browsing. After the fall of Netscape, Microsoft’s browser seized the throne, a throne it held with an iron fist until the arrival of Google Chrome. Today, Internet Explorer is a practically abandoned product and its residual presence is only justified by the companies and administrations which still need it. However, Microsoft is hastening the final death of Internet Explorer and today it is putting one more nail in its coffin: It will no longer be compatible with Microsoft Teams, as we reported weeks ago. .

Tip for individuals: switch to Edge

If you’re a home user and still using Internet Explorer at the end of 2020, we’ve got some bad news for you. Friend, you are totally obsolete and the browser you are using has its days. Not just for teams, but for navigation in general. There is no reason to use it beyond the laziness of change. Most modern websites do not work or perform poorly in Internet Explorer, this causes compatibility issues of all kinds and does not take advantage of the more advanced features of browsers.

In fact, you must have already noticed how Microsoft is offering you to upgrade to the new Microsoft Edge. As we reported some time ago, Internet Explorer was starting to redirect its users to Edge when they tried to open an incompatible site. You can download the browser by following this link in case you haven’t already pre-installed it after a Windows update. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Migrating to Edge will be therapeutic for you and a lot less hard than you fear. Our colleague Javier Gualix prepared a video at the beginning of this year in which he will help you to take your first steps with the browser. We recommend that you take a look if you’re going to take the plunge due to this limitation to teams.

What should businesses using Teams in Internet Explorer do?

You must migrate to a supported browser to use Teams. If you go for the new Edge, Microsoft is offering free support to companies that have subscribed to the Microsoft 365 package. You just need to tell the system administrator to enter this link, from which you will get all the information you have. need.

It is recommended that all businesses still using Internet Explorer migrate to Microsoft Edge as soon as possible. This will provide more modern features, better compatibility, and better overall performance. From August 2021, the rest of the applications belonging to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 will no longer be compatible with Internet Explorer.

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