Teams now allows connection to Project and Roadmap applications

Microsoft Teams collaboration platform users can now use a tab to access the Project app. This was renewed by Microsoft last year.

Microsoft teams can now access the project and the roadmap

Project, is based on Microsoft Power Platform. To create tools to automate desktop and mobile workflows for project teams.

There have also been web project integrations with Microsoft Teams, Power BI for creating dashboards. The low-code / no-code tools in Power Platform and Office.

Project and its associated Roadmap app in Teams allow users to create new projects or roadmaps in Teams. Applications can be added as tabs from the “+” icon at the top of a channel.

“Connecting directly to Project from Teams has been one of the top requests from Project users. These applications will make it easier to manage, track and collaborate on all aspects of a team’s project in one place, ”says Microsoft.

Teams users will have access to Project functionality on the web, including automated scheduling to define effort, time, and resources within Teams. Microsoft has published a guide on using Project and Roadmap as apps in Teams.

Project apps are the latest in a growing list of apps. These join Teams to help employees organize data in Chat, Channels, and Teams tabs.

Salesforce announced its app for Teams last week. This will bring the CRM and customer data to Teams channels and chats. Microsoft released Teams Tasks prior to this, bringing together Microsoft’s Planner and Teams To-Do Apps.

Roadmap in teams

The Roadmap in Teams is intended for groups running multiple projects simultaneously. Provide a visual way to connect our projects and show our current status.

There are two distinct levels of access and usability for the project and the roadmap in Teams. All Office 365 users can see shared projects and roadmaps in Teams, but can’t edit them. To create and edit projects and roadmaps, users need an appropriate project for the web license.

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