Teams phones add Meet Now and more features

Inheriting the legacy of Skype or Lync, phones equipped with Teams are essential in large businesses. Now, new features are coming for these devices. These are dedicated calling devices that use Teams as a calling method. There are a lot of added features that bring these devices up to par with Teams apps on other devices.

Microsoft Updates Teams to Teams with Meet Now and Screen Share

First off, Teams phones now support a gallery view, 3×3 and 7×7, for video calls, so now we can see more participants on one screen. Ensemble mode, makes the participants appear to be seated in a public space such as a cafeteria or auditorium, it is also supported. Finally, Spotlight support was added. So team phone users can view a pinned video in the foreground and center. However, pinning videos should still be done in the desktop app.

When it comes to video calling, some audio-only phones with a screen now support screen sharing. As long as they meet certain material requirements. Additionally, background blur has also been added for Teams phones with cameras. Teams phones also receive a Meet Now button, which allows users to instantly start a meeting and invite others to join. This can be done from the calendar user interface. Finally, support has been added to raise a hand and allow users to speak.

Outside of meetings and calls, some team phones now support sidecars, which are attachments you can add to some phones to add a second screen with a contact list, for example. Teams sidecar support is available on the Yealink EXP50 and Audiocodes C450HD, although the latter’s expansion module is currently in beta.

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