Teams will allow us to resume a failed live event

As the use of Microsoft Teams increases, the team behind the app is aware of some of its shortcomings. In the event that we are broadcasting an event live and something happens, we will need to recreate a new event. Whether for technical reasons or human error, it requires everything to be reconfigured. Now Microsoft Teams will allow us to take over the existing event.

Microsoft Teams will allow us to resume a failed live event

Currently, Teams does not have the ability to resume a live event that ended in error or was interrupted. If you triggered an event and something happened, the normal thing was to have to reconfigure everything and in record time. Fortunately, Microsoft was aware of this shortcoming and worked to provide the option to restart the online event as OnMSFT anticipated. This means that now we just have to hit a reset button to bring everyone back to the event instead of creating a new one.

This feature is under development and will be officially released for Windows 10 users and the web client in July. The ability to organize events has alleviated this need since the start of the pandemic, allowing large groups of people to come together. With the need for people to stay at home due to confinement orders in much of the world, hosting a virtual event is most convenient these days.

Just a few days ago, we covered the latest PowerPoint news and webinars within Teams, but this team isn’t stopping. We hope this feature will be available to all users very soon, as it will make it easier to get back to work at online events with Microsoft Teams.

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