Teams will allow you to translate channel messages on iOS and Android

The teams are here to stay. The pandemic that has hit the world has not only changed the habits of many people but also those of many companies and institutions. Distance work and learning are already well established in our societies.

To make this constant communication possible, it is very important that we can all understand each other, and with that in mind the Teams team is working on the possibility of enabling users to translate messages into channels.

Microsoft Teams breaks boundaries

Source: OnMSFT

The OnMSFT website echoed this new feature focused on the mobile versions of Teams for iOS and Android. In principle, this feature will start rolling out this month and will generally roll out in mid-July for all Microsoft 365 users.

This feature already exists in the desktop version of Teams and will make life easier for users who don’t share a language with some of their colleagues. As we see in the attached image, we can directly translate any message or reply that is present in Teams channels.

Microsoft has pointed out that this feature will be available to all users, and if you want to disable it, the company’s Microsoft 365 admins will need to do so.

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