Teams will bring custom backgrounds to iOS and Android soon

The teams did not reach his current position by fortune or due to the absence of his rivals. The team behind this fantastic service works hard to incorporate useful news for all types of users. One example is custom meeting backgrounds, a feature coming soon to the Teams mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Team mobile apps tighten the barrier with desktop apps

Custom Teams backgrounds allow the user to protect their privacy (by hiding where they are connecting to the meeting from) or even add a fun touch to the meeting. With them, the user can choose to apply a blur effect to the background or replace it with a static image.

Custom backgrounds arrived on the Teams desktop app last year and have become one of the favorite features of app users. According to the Microsoft 365 development plan, they will arrive on iOS in mid-April and soon after on Android.

Microsoft takes great care of the Teams mobile apps and a good proof of that is the big update announced last month. On this occasion, they announced a new design, a new search experience, the ability to pin cats and much more.

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