Teams will improve break rooms and bandwidth management

Microsoft is working on a number of improvements to Teams that will allow users to have more control over break rooms that were introduced last year. In addition, the North American company is working on improving the bandwidth limit of the application.

Improvements required for Microsoft Teams break rooms

Regarding break rooms, Microsoft will add the possibility for the organizer to share room management with other users. Additionally, the Redmond team is working to improve the user interface to help organizers manage, categorize, and assign attendees. Both features will be released, in principle, in June 2021.

In addition, it appears that Microsoft intends to introduce the possibility of creating Break Rooms before the start of the actual meeting in the near future. This will allow the organization to assign participants to the room before the start of the meeting. In this case, the feature would start rolling out in May 2021.

Microsoft focuses its attention on limited connections

Finally, Microsoft would also work on improving the bandwidth limit. Those of Redmond already recently added the possibility of reducing the use of bandwidth to improve the quality of calls in bad connections. In this case, the intention is for administrators to dynamically manage bandwidth usage based on location. This will be especially useful for users who often have to travel to workplaces with limited connections. This function should also land in May 2021.

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