Teams will let you control the speed of meeting recordings

We come back with a new news related to the teams. If WhatsApp recently made it possible to change the speed of audio playback, it is now the turn of teams to participate in meetings. Very soon we will be able to control the speed of those that have been recorded. The eternal encounters of which we are only interested in a small part are over.

Microsoft Teams will save us time when replaying meetings

This new feature will arrive for meetings that are in OneDrive or SharePoint and will allow us to go from speeds of 0.5x to twice the speed. The objective is very simple, skip the sections that do not interest us to focus on those that are more interesting.

This way, we don’t need to run through a progress bar, but we can double the playback speed in order to get to where we’re interested. Right now, the estimated launch date for this feature is September of this year. We’ll see if Microsoft can meet their expectations as the feature of recording meetings on OneDrive has been delayed as planned.

Meetings in Teams are becoming the norm, but many people cannot attend all or see all of the content. This feature wants to help us focus only on what is important.

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