technological tools are essential for ensuring safety and preventing contagions

It’s not all about telecommuting: technological tools are essential to guarantee security and prevent infections

During the harshest months of confinement, technology in Spain allowed around 3 million people not to stop working and started working remotely, according to INE. Digitization processes already had a growing role in professional organizations, but the health emergency was undoubtedly the definitive catalyst. But if teleworking has worked well, it is necessary that employees return to the office little by little. The reason is clear: the interaction between people is essential because innovation, creativity and collaboration arise when we share a common space.

Now is the time to adapt working environments, in a context where it is essential to ensure safety when workers return to offices. In this sense, Alejandro Pocia, president of Steelcase Iberia assures us that “The leaders of organizations must understand their workspaces as catalysts of creativity, innovation and collaboration, without forgetting that they are healthy for their entire team. We need to adapt our spaces to much more flexible models to prepare for what may happen in the future ”.

Technology, a great ally

Likewise, it should be noted that technological solutions to prevent infections in the workplace and guarantee the safety of workers are a major ally. They help both workers to feel more secure and CEOs to gain more and better information to make strategic decisions in the medium and long term. “The adaptation of offices to the new normal cannot remain in the installation of protective screens and gel dispensers”, assures Pocia.

One of the most widely used technological advances is that of desktop sensors, present in more and more spaces. Controlling the temperature, maintaining a safe distance, and limiting physical contact between office components and large numbers of people are some of the features of these systems.

In addition, Steelcase also launched a tool to help keep people safe in space, while promoting productivity and well-being. Steelcase Workplace Analytics is a platform that, using various analytics and presence sensors, lets you choose and reserve the perfect workspace for each task, regardless of device, location and time.

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