Technology, a key solution for the prevention of contagions in offices and public spaces

Technology, a key solution for the prevention of contagions in offices and public spaces

Keeping public spaces safe from COVID-19 has become a requirement to ensure normal movement of the population through them with the security measures put in place during the pandemic. In this sense, technology plays a key role. For this reason, Beabloo has developed Interaction Care, the technological solution that ensures the smooth and safe movement of people in physical spaces.

Thanks to precise and real-time detection, as well as to the proactive and specific communication provided by Beabloo technology, the administrators of these spaces guarantee compliance with the various security measures.

One of those spaces most affected by the pandemic has been airports, and thanks to the installation of Interaction Care, they have been able to operate with greater peace of mind. Istanbul Airport (Turkey) is a clear example, with the installation of the detection system of masks and security messages in the security zone and passports, they were able to improve the movement of people and reduce the risk of contagion. . The system detects in real time when people are not wearing a mask and alerts them to the importance of wearing it, demonstrating the airport’s commitment to maximizing the safety of all and making passengers feel that the airport environment is safe.

The system anonymously collects demographic data and content views. This feature enables Istanbul Airport to use information about the general public, customer behavior and the effectiveness of its communication campaigns to shape communications and ensure that its decision-making processes are focused. on the data.

Data collected during the first 3 months of using Interaction Care at the airport indicated that the content of the recommendation for the use of a system-activated mask when it detects that a person is not wearing it. porte pas turned out to be the most viewed content on the screens that had been configured for this project, up to 5 times more than the second content. Additionally, almost 80% of views of system-activated mask recommendation content are viewed by people aged 16-34.

Another example we found of using Interaction Care in public space is the application of IC occupancy control in the Teide volcano cable car. The tool has been essential in controlling capacity and crowds in that space, freeing up employees so they can perform their tasks more efficiently without having to be aware of space occupancy.

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