Technology that helps us move safely on the road during the summer

As the 2021 summer travel begins, so do road safety and travel risks. Indeed, as their number increases, the number of traffic accidents increases proportionally.

For this reason, LoJack Espaa, a CalAmp subsidiary and innovator in connected car services and the recovery of stolen vehicles, wishes to highlight the main risks that Spanish drivers run at the wheel and offer them tips to avoid them and thus benefit. safe vacation. if they plan to go out.

• Check your driving behavior: It is quite easy for experienced drivers to develop bad driving behavior such as speeding, overtaking or suddenly changing lanes. In fact, according to the We Are Safe report, in 2019, a total of 297,478 people were involved in traffic accidents requiring the involvement of insurance agencies. With these mind-boggling numbers, it’s very important that you keep an eye on your driving habits – for your safety, the safety of your occupants, and everyone else on the road. In this sense, LoJack Connect works as an assistant providing a score based on your driving style. Using driving style algorithms, this connected car app helps drivers know their driving habits through daily reports that can help correct risky behaviors and improve road safety.

• Improve accident response: When an accident occurs, prompt response can mean the difference between life and death, especially when emergency services are needed. LoJack Connect offers instant CrashBoxx ™ accident alerts that can be sent to your insurer and loved ones. When a serious accident occurs, the LoJack operations center can facilitate emergency response and an accident reconstruction report can help streamline the claims process.

• Minimize road accidents: some motorists, when they have a breakdown in their journey, forget to take important safety measures while waiting for roadside assistance. Put on a reflective vest before leaving the car, arrange the emergency triangles located at the prescribed distance (50 meters from the car and visible at least 100 meters away) and, of course, return to the vehicle and wait inside, or off the road. LoJack Connect can help prevent these failures by alerting you or your dealer to any mechanical failure or the need for preventive maintenance related to mileage, tires or mechanical maintenance.

• Stay connected with the family: Going on and off the road is always a risk to the driver, passengers and other travelers on the road. Keeping your family and friends informed of your departure and arrival will relieve a lot of anxiety. To help you stay connected with your family and friends when you travel, the Family Mode feature of the LoJack Connect app allows you to let your loved ones know when you leave and when you arrive at a predetermined destination so that everyone can enjoy the summer.

“This summer, it will be more important than ever to take every precaution when driving, especially since most of this summer’s tourism will be domestic, which will increase the number of car trips. many features that will dramatically improve safety. For example, the sophisticated algorithms used to send instant CrashBoxx crash notifications will improve response times at the most critical moments to speed up life-saving assistance to the driver and occupants. And telematics technology used to keep drivers away. Drivers who are aware of their behavior behind the wheel and in contact with their loved ones can help everyone enjoy the trip and have a memorable summer vacation ”, emphasizes Jos Ignacio Rubio, Managing Director of LoJack Spain and Portugal.

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