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Nowadays, more and more people decide to subscribe to a high speed fiber tariff. Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has had a great impact on society as a whole, which is reflected in work habits. And today, many people work directly from home, that is, they do not have to go to a physical center. Something unimaginable a few years ago, but which has become a reality that benefits many workers.

We can therefore say that the coronavirus has changed the way of working, teleworking being more and more common, especially among employees who perform their tasks electronically. In some cases, companies are temporarily adopting this measure, but many organizations have decided to implement this new system for the future.

If one thing is clear, it’s that people who telecommute need a good internet connection, so it’s essential to rent high-speed fiber tariffs. The point is that a basic 30Mb or 50Mb connection is no longer enough, as workers perform different operations that require high speed. For this reason, fiber-only offerings are gradually gaining ground in the market.

Why have fiber-only rental rates increased?

As previously mentioned, telecommuting has become a great option when working in times of COVID-19, as employees can perform various tasks without having to come to the office, which significantly reduces the risk of contagion. Of course, to telecommute from home, people need to have a good internet connection.

In general, most workers move large files daily, so they need excellent network speed, both for downloading PDF documents and for uploading photos or videos. In addition, one should not forget about video calls, which have become a key part of the work of many people.

All of these reasons have led to a sharp increase in the fiber-only rental rate, as employees require low latency connections to avoid delays in the information path. Therefore, it is not surprising that most people bet on the rental of high speed fiber tariffs, as there are some very good deals out there.

What are the best fiber-only rates on the market?

Obviously, all the phone companies offer special fiber plans, however, there is one that stands out above the rest: Adamo. For those who do not know, Adamo is a Barcelona operator with a national vocation, which offers high-speed fiber -1000 Mb- at a really competitive price. Despite its location, this company has a regional and local business orientation.

The fact is that this operator has been present in the Spanish market since 2007, which is why it has its own infrastructure, which has allowed it to provide its services both in rural areas and in new highly populated urban areas. . But if Adamo stands out for anything, it’s to offer the fastest optical fiber on the market, which reaches 1000 Mb – from bottom to top.

In this section, the Super Fast tariff is one of the most requested, as it is ideal for employees who work from home. In general, this fiber rate is very convenient for people who manage large files, whether for work or play. But this operator also offers other alternatives such as Fast Fiber -1000 Mb downstream and 600 Mb upstream- or Essential Fiber -100 Mb downstream and upstream-.

What are the advantages of a high speed fiber optic connection?

Currently, high-speed fiber tariffs are the best option for working from home, as employees have very low latency on the connection. With this feature, people who use multiple devices at the same time have no problem because the speed is always optimal. This means that there is no delay when uploading files or uploading documents.

But the benefits of these fees go much further, as people who take online courses or are dedicated to the world of gaming can also benefit. And it is that in high speed fiber flow, there are no cuts, so a multitude of activities can be performed instantly. From downloading a file in the University’s virtual classroom to downloading an update for a video game.

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