Telefnica Tech and Catenon launch ‘Upskill Espaa’ to promote the adaptation of millions of professionals to the digital age

Telefnica Tech and Catenon launch ‘Upskill Espaa’ to promote the adaptation of millions of professionals to the digital age

Telefnica Telefnica Tech, through its cybersecurity company ElevenPaths, collaborates with Catenon to strengthen the employability of millions of professionals in our country, through training in digital skills and competences, and knowledge of technologies where greater creation is expected. employment in the coming years. And it does this through the development of different training routes in one of the fields with the greatest future and the greatest level of job creation globally, such as cybersecurity.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation and digitization plans that companies have been planning in 3 and 5 years. Automation and digital transformation are leading to the redefinition of roles, the disappearance of other positions and the creation of others that require new skills in which Spanish talents must be trained. The lack of skills needed to face the new challenges leaves thousands of vacancies in Spain and causes significant losses for Spanish companies. According to the study “ Employability and Digital Talent 2019 ”, prepared by the VASS Foundation and the Autonomous University of Madrid, solving this lack of digital skills could create 15% more jobs and contribute 360 ​​million euros to the Spanish economy.

Miguel ngel Navarro, CEO of Catenon, asserts that “a two-tier society is being created, those that can adapt to the new digital age and those that cannot, and we need to be aware of everything what the incorporation of technology implies, at all levels. Not only the economic impact that not being able to carry out their projects has for companies, but also the economic and social inequalities in the population, and the loss of competitiveness of the whole country, inside and outside ”. “In fact, 9 out of 10 unemployed professionals lack the necessary skills that will allow them to find more qualified and sustainable employment, which is worrying for the digitization of talents, and consequently, for the country’s recovery and growth. “

Elena Lim, head of Cyberacademy +, the specialist training unit of ElevenPaths, mentions that “we are in a situation where, despite what it is, we have to be able to turn it into an opportunity and not only help organizations, but also individuals. , to maximize the potential of their abilities to cope with a constantly changing environment ”.

For this, UpSKill Espaa was born, a movement led by Catenon with Spanish companies, like Telefnica, committed to talent as the engine of the economy and society. This movement promotes the adaptation to the new digital era of millions of professionals in Spain through training in the knowledge, skills and digital tools necessary to face the new strategic challenges that arise.

An initiative that materializes through: on the one hand, the acquisition of new talents to deal with new strategic business projects; improving the skills and re-qualification of current teams to ensure a digital transition centered on people; and a transformational outplacement program for companies with relocation plans for mass layoffs that include training in digital knowledge, skills and tools, and in some of the areas that create the greatest value in our country.

Training in areas with the greatest projection

One of those areas is, without a doubt, cybersecurity. The demand for these profiles has increased by 60%, according to a LinkedIn study, and currently, around 30,000 positions are still vacant in our country. With this premise, ElevenPaths, Telefnica’s cybersecurity company integrated with Telefnica Tech, joins the initiative as head of the cybersecurity program.

Currently, 70% of cybersecurity positions require training and technical experience, while the remaining 30% need professionals from different fields and studies, such as economists, lawyers, customer service, business development, etc. In the coming years, the proportion of non-technical positions is expected to increase, which represents an opportunity for re-qualification of many professionals through the training paths designed by ElevenPaths.

The CiberAcademy +, the ElevenPaths cybersecurity academy, has a broad proposal based on the education, training and certification of its professionals in the field of cybersecurity. As you might expect, similar companies in the Cloud, Data and IoT arenas will be joining this initiative in the coming weeks. With them, Telefnica Tech is committed to the permanent requalification and adaptation of the skills of professionals, promoting their specialization in technological skills in high demand on the market and key to the digital transformation of all types of organizations.

The digital learning platform that will be used for these trainings will be Neurok, a new training model based on neurodidactics and which is developed through collaboration and the creation of a participatory environment. The main objective is to stimulate the engagement and retention of key employees, providing them with new skills and the ability to contribute to companies’ innovation initiatives.

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