Telefnica’s open future boosts entrepreneurship and creates over 700 jobs this year

Telefnica’s open future boosts entrepreneurship and creates over 700 jobs this year

Open Future, the initiative launched by Telefnica in 2014 as a regional open innovation strategy, this year supported 81 Spanish startups in 11 autonomous communities that created a total of 705 skilled jobs. As part of an open innovation model in collaboration with the private public sector, Open Future contributes to regional economic recovery and the decentralization of entrepreneurship in Spain.

Open Future has established itself as a driver of job creation and the creation of a regional entrepreneurship ecosystem in Spain, which locally promotes technological innovation projects and supports the creation of digital and disruptive companies in various fields. such as e-health, tourism, e-commerce and agrotech, among others.

Thanks to its regional capillarity, it has 18 hubs in different cities of Spain, thus promoting innovation and job creation in regions that are generally not the first choice for developing entrepreneurial projects such as Murcia, Castile and Len, Galicia and Extremadura. It is also present in other autonomous communities with a greater weight in the Spanish economy such as the Community of Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country, Andalusia and the Valencian Community. In addition, for the first time, Open Future has managed to open two hubs in Ceuta and Melilla, two cities which, unfairly, do not tend to prevail in development plans, despite being home to many entrepreneurial projects.

“In such a difficult time for Spain, we are very proud to say that we have helped support these new jobs. We want to support entrepreneurship wherever initiatives arise. Our regional capillarity allows us to be close to the entrepreneur and to realize his dreams in his hometown ”, assured Ins Oliveira, global director of Open Future.

Since its launch 6 years ago, Open Future has received more than 8,000 projects, it has managed to forge more than 150 alliances. Likewise, more than 35 hubs have been opened in Spain, thanks to which they have been able to help create more than 4,000 jobs.

The OrbitalAds company, which integrated the Madrid hub at the end of 2015, is one of the many successful examples of Open Future acceleration programs to help evolve and develop employability. At the beginning there were only 2 people and now there are more than 30 employees on the team. Open Future facilitated contact with important players in the ecosystem and what contributed to the growth of their project, chosen as one of the most innovative companies with an investment from the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program .

Another success story is Uali, installed in the Segovia hub, La Crcel, since February of this year. The company specializing in drones for all possible terrains, land, water and air, now has technical, legal and strategic support to be able to develop and extend its project in the energy sector. From the Biscay hub, also Ludus, a startup created in 2014 by four entrepreneurs and which now has 20 people in its workforce, is another consolidated project that offers virtual reality simulators for the training of health professionals.

More and more startups are signing up for its alliance programs. This year, there has been a 28% increase from 2019 thanks to the two calls launched this year.

Startups are already part of job growth in Europe, generating nearly 2 million jobs this year alone, according to the latest Index Ventures report. They have become a major contributor to new jobs and are the fastest and most resilient work force. For this reason, Telefnica is once again committed to innovation, talent and business growth with Open Future, which follows Wayra, Telefnica’s first global entrepreneurial project which is on the verge of celebrate its tenth anniversary. 10 countries in Europe and Latin America with 7 active hubs. In Spain, Wayra is present in the two most important innovation poles in the country: Barcelona and Madrid.

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