Telephone numbers of the autonomous communities for prior appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine and information on vaccination

Publication: Monday, April 5, 2021 10:41

The Autonomous Communities have allowed citizens to resolve their doubts about the coronavirus vaccination campaign in different ways.

In this sense, through various web addresses and telephone numbers, the population will be able to check the status of vaccination, learn about specific aspects of injections and even request an appointment to undergo the injection. In addition, citizens already convened will be able to update their information for future consultations.

Below is the information for each Autonomous Community:


This region does not have a telephone number, but it has set up a web page where all kinds of up-to-date information can be consulted, both for citizens and professionals. For example, in this link, it is possible to consult the prioritization groups. Along with this, for all kinds of additional questions, for example a prior appointment, information can be requested from the email address


This community also does not have a phone number channel but, like Andalusia, it offers additional information on its website Salud Informa. In it, groups of professionals with priority for vaccination can request an appointment online to receive the injection since February 17. Likewise, this appointment system proposes the appropriate vaccination dates according to the age of the professional and the group of the vaccine applicant.


The Principality of Asturias’ health service (Sespa) has had the following telephone number since the end of March: 984 016 114. Thanks to it, citizens can request information on the vaccination campaign against the disease. And even if you have not been cited for the vaccine, it is possible to activate the telephone number to ensure the call when it is time to give the injection.

the Canary Islands

The Canaries and the Canaries can call the following telephone number: 900 112 061, with which all inquiries related to vaccination are resolved. In addition, like in Aragon and Andalusia, they have activated their website with additional information about the whole process. for requests relating to Covid-19 or visit the website activated by the government of the Canary Islands where they offer all the information on vaccination.


Cantabria does not have a telephone for inquiries. Instead, he offers another webpage where the vaccination schedule is specifically specified, and they insist that when it is time to vaccinate, they will provide all the details to the person in question: “We we are all going to be vaccinated, the rhythm is fixed for the doses that arrive to us ”, they underline.

Castilla La Mancha

Castilla-La Mancha has a telephone number to answer questions: it is 925 24 83 67, open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Likewise, in addition to the telephone number, the Council has activated the following e-mail: By these means, the executive of Manchego provides answers to doubts about the types of vaccines, the sectors where they are heading and the like.

Castile and Leon

The Castilian-Leonean Ministry of Health has the 900,222,000 health care telephone number to answer questions about vaccination against the coronavirus. In addition, it also has another web page for viewing additional information.


The information telephones on the coronavirus correspond to those for emergencies (112), emergencies (061) and general non-health information (012). However, for information on vaccination, the ideal is to go to the Canal de Salut page, where they answer all questions about vaccination.Moreover, during these holidays, Catalonia was looking for more than 30,000 people for get vaccinated with AstraZeneca. In this case, the region has activated the following link so that, if you are between 60 and 65 years old, you can request the injection.


The Community of Madrid has a website to answer questions about vaccination. In addition, the Ministry of Education offers the telephone number 900 102 112 so that teachers or professionals in direct contact with students can request information about their vaccination.

Valencian Community

The Valencian Community has allowed users to update and review the information they have for the citation of the administration of the vaccine.


There is no specific number for the coronavirus vaccine, but the government of Extremadura has a number to request an appointment with the general practitioner, which is: 900 100 737. However, the processes of Access is not detailed at the vaccination appointment, which also depends on the Extremadura health service contacting the priority groups of the strategy.


Sergas has asked all citizens to check if their data is updated by calling 981 569 540. Its opening hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. In fact, vaccination appointments are made via the phone number associated with the health card, so they insist on the importance of having up-to-date information.

Balearic Islands

The Government of the Balearic Islands also has a telephone for inquiries about the vaccine, which is 971 211 999. In addition, from the archipelago, it signals the establishment of an appointment system in line for the vaccination of under 65s.

La Rioja

The number provided by the Ministry of Health is 941 298 333. It is also possible to consult additional information via the Seris site, where the stages of the vaccination campaign are specified.


The Region of Murcia does not have a telephone number to confirm the previous appointment, but all questions can be asked in the general number to inform about the coronavirus: 900121212.


The Navarrese government has a portal with information on the vaccination plan. The steps to request a vaccination appointment on your own are not specified, but you can find out about the symptoms, treatments and other problems related to the coronavirus which are referred to the health center at the following number: 948 290 290. It is also available the following email account:

Pays Basque

The Osakidetza website details several sections related to vaccines and administration schedule. There is also information in the vaccination bulletin, where the process and the main points of vaccination are specified.

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