Teleworking and data mobility increase security breaches in Spanish companies by 23%

Teleworking and data mobility increase security breaches in Spanish companies by 23%

Kingston, the independent global leader in memory products and technology solutions, today presented its report “Current State of Business Mobile Data Security in Spain”. Among the main findings of this study, which analyzes the new paradigm of mixed work, it appears that 23% of companies have suffered more security breaches. In addition, according to the company’s study, in the past year, 7% have experienced more than 5 security breaches.

“As ironic as it may sound, in a year where containment has been the protagonist, 2020 is marked by the mobility of corporate data. As companies have closed their doors, information has moved from being centralized in one place to transporting it to countless access points due to the new reality of mixed work ”, explains Pedro Gonzlez, developer. of Company from Kingston in Spain, Business developer from Kingston in Spain. “Companies have tested their ability to adapt to the new scenarios and challenges that were foreseen, particularly focused on data mobility, which has defeated the security strategies of many companies in Spain”, adds Gonzlez .

How prepared are businesses to protect data in motion?

Since March, there has been a decentralization of professional activity in a process of migration to remote work. As a result, data mobility has become a necessity for businesses and employees to continue their normal functions. However, according to data from Kingston, companies weren’t quite prepared to deal with this situation, with 44% saying they had a medium-low level in terms of protecting corporate information remotely, while nearly ‘one in All 4 companies (23%) say they do not have a mobile data security policy.

In contrast, the company warns that companies have barely changed their security strategies to adapt to the new reality, as evidenced by the fact that 21% of CIOs surveyed point out that implementing hybrid work ( face-to-face and remote) had no impact on remote data protection. To these data, we must also add the fact that 12% indicate that no additional security measures have been implemented.

Main concerns of businesses in the new era

Businesses face the challenge of optimizing their security strategy and implementing measures and tactics to protect corporate data while roaming, a difficult task. The Kingston study indicates that accidental loss or leakage of information is the number one mobile data security concern for 6 in 10 businesses, followed by information theft as a result of cyber attacks (58%) and loss of unprotected devices (53%).

Additionally, 44% of businesses don’t use encrypted hardware (USB, SSD, etc.), and almost 1 in 5 (19%) don’t use any security tools on their devices. In this sense, from Kingston, they point out that “the loss of unprotected memory units remains one of the main concerns of companies. To remedy this, solutions such as data encryption, both by hardware and software, are emerging as tools to guarantee the security of company information in all contexts ”.

The biggest hurdle, according to the Kingston study, is lack of investment, as nearly 80% of companies spend 7% (or less) of the IT department’s budget on improving mobile data security. The company, for its part, has a wide range of solutions to help companies protect their data in motion, such as the IronKey USB family, composed of FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant solutions offering the highest levels. of security. encryption and protection, allows you to meet regulatory requirements and offer a higher level of support.

In addition, Kingston also has a portfolio of SSDs to protect data and moving equipment with drives such as the KC2500, an XTS-AES self-encrypting SSD based on 256-bit hardware and enabling the use from independent software vendors with TCG Opal 2.0 Security Management Solutions, such as Symantec ™, McAfee ™, WinMagic and others.

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