Teleworking, fake vaccination passports and cloud security, the keys to securing the post-Covid-19 era

Teleworking, fake vaccination passports and cloud security, the keys to securing the post-Covid-19 era

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a provider specializing in cybersecurity in the world, analyzes the new cybersecurity challenges for businesses after Covid-19, more difficult and complicated in this new stage, find out how you can come to protect the industry from health by 2021 and get the right defense to deal with the latest vulnerabilities.

Mario Garca, Managing Director of Check Point for Spain and Portugal, underlines that ransomware is the main threat to companies at national and international level and underlines the relevance that will now have the security of enterprise and cloud platforms. Commitment to this Goal: “The cloud has changed dramatically in recent years. Applications are growing rapidly and therefore much more specialized protection is needed to achieve the best defense. Scalable, native, out-of-the-box, and automatic security are the four features businesses need to know. We will soon be investing $ 100 million in our cloud security division and will hire around 100 developers to expand our already strong workforce. Our main objective is to strengthen the impermeability of companies in the face of the many new generation cyber attacks emerging in the wake of the pandemic. Spanish companies must keep in mind that nothing will ever be the same again and that attack vectors and vulnerabilities are present and increasing every day ”.

It is clear that what happened last year has completely changed the way of working and the remote format offers many possibilities, but also many alternatives of access to corporate networks for cybercriminals.

Eusebio Nieva, technical director of Check Point Software for Spain and Portugal, explains the danger posed by the possible violation of the new Covid passports for pandemic control this summer: “now that the vaccination campaign is progressing and that every time more people are immunized, it is worrying to discover a 500% growth in the number of sellers of fake vaccination certificates between the months of March and May. This indicates the great danger posed by people who are ready to skip checks in different countries, ”warns Nieva.

25% increase in areas related to Covid passports since end of 2020

Likewise, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought new forms of attack on cybercriminals around the world, and now with the arrival of vaccines and the start of opening up borders to reactivate tourism this summer, it It was to be expected that Covid digital passports will also become another possible target to infect as many devices as possible, in fact, the offerings of these new documents have increased by 500%. At a time when the doors to tourism are starting to open and many countries want to put in place this document to identify those vaccinated, the experts at Check Point Research have also detected a 25% increase in areas related to coronavirus passports since the end of 2020, when vaccines started. This whole flood of sales of false documents is due in large part to the great confusion that is generated due to the large number of different certificates and passports, depending on the country from which the citizen is from.

In view of this data, Eusebio Nieva warns that the European Union’s Covid passports could fail if the necessary measures are not taken to combat the threat of vaccination certificates and fake tests, which are increasingly selling, both in the Darknet, as through the Telegram messaging app.

97% of businesses experienced mobile device attacks in 2020

On the other hand, Vctor Molina, Channel and Telco team leader for system engineers, explains the state of the security of mobile devices, since 97% of companies have suffered attacks on these devices in 2020. Currently, it Importantly, by 2024, 60% of employees will be telecommuters or use mobile devices for their business activities, which exponentially increases the attack surface available to cybercriminals. Adems, hay que destacar que los dispositivos mviles are ms vulnerable que nunca: el 67% de los trabajadores admite haber encontrado y usar alternativas a las soluciones corporativas a su disposicin, para as poder ser ms productivos en el trabajo, las cuales pueden ser seguras or not.

These devices are increasingly present in the workplace, which means that they are in serious danger and that their protection must be a priority for companies and institutions. Check Point Software’s Achilles research has shown that at least 40% of devices worldwide are inherently vulnerable to cyber attacks due to chipset failures.

When investigating the source of these issues, we found that in 46% of organizations at least one employee downloaded a malicious mobile app, according to Check Point Software’s Security Report 2021.

“A new stage is opening up for the various companies all over the world at the same time. The three vectors to focus on are cloud security, mobile devices, and new passports or vaccination certificates, as they will be the primary targets for cybercriminals. If every day there are going to be more teleworkers connecting to the company network from different devices, the possible security breaches are increasing exponentially and that is why all possible precautions must be taken and the security software increased correspondent ”, concludes Mario Garca.

In order for businesses and institutions to stay protected at all times, they need the best security software. Check Point Harmony, the first unified solution that enables secure connectivity to any resource anywhere with complete endpoint protection on all devices. This solution consolidates corporate and BYOD devices and internet connections against existing and zero-day attacks, while providing zero-trust access to business applications in a single, easy-to-manage solution.

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