Teleworking is not a priority for Spanish university students in their job search

Teleworking is not a priority for Spanish university students in their job search

Spanish university students clearly know which conditions seem most important to them when they start working in a company and telecommuting is not one of their priorities. Only 18.5% of young people who are currently studying at the University appreciate the teleworking offered by companies as an option that generates interest when looking for a job, according to the “I Business Talents Report, on attitudes and skills. trends in Spanish university students ”, produced by Herbalife Nutrition and Praxis MMT.

In el lado contrario, the posibilidad de promocin (elegido por el 33.5% de los jvenes) y que les ofrezcan estabilidad en el empleo (26.9%), its las caractersticas en las que ms se fijaran para entrar a trabajar en a company. In addition, they also appreciate that they are innovative and creative companies (26.3%), that they can have a slightly higher salary (26.1%) and that they guarantee training opportunities (26%). .

“Given the current situation, it is striking to us that university students do not appreciate that companies make it easier for them to work from home. Analyzing these results, we see in their behavior that after having experienced more than a year of online courses, when it comes to looking for a job, they put more emphasis on the need to be in a relationship and not not feeling isolated, the feeling of belonging to a team in which they can flourish more comfortably, while appreciating not being frustrated or demotivated at the beginning and adapting to the world of work because of the inconvenience that can cause them remote work ”, underlines Mario Martnez, director of the Business Talents Report.

Spanish university students have also chosen the companies they would like to work for. According to the results, in its top five are Google in first place (chosen by 22% of young people), followed by Amazon (15.6%), Inditex (14.1%), Apple (13.7%) and Banco Santander (7.9%).

Regarding the type of activity they would like to exercise at the end of their university studies, most young people have an entrepreneurial spirit, since according to data extracted from the Report, 50.8% of university students would like to be entrepreneurs, either by creating their own business or being independent professionals; then work for a company (18.5%) or be a civil servant (10.4%).

Asked about the sectors in which they would like to work, 30% of university students favor the adviser / consultant, followed by the commerce sector (29%) and banking (28.6%). And given the field of activity within a company, 36% of young people choose General Management, followed by Marketing (33.8%) and sales (30.5%). In addition, according to the results, the young people underlined that they felt they had the skills, the talent and the preparation to carry out these functions.

Confident university students

University students have confidence in themselves, according to the findings gathered in the Report. Among the capacities and aptitudes for which they feel they have a particular talent, we find first and foremost the use of social networks, where the majority feel empowered and in which they give themselves a higher average score (7.7) . Then comes strategic thinking (with a 7.65); teamwork ability (7.63), kindness (7.62) and leadership ability (7.59). The lowest score is obtained by their perception of professional experience (with an average of 6.8), a characteristic for which they feel they have the least talent.

Considering the positive traits of their personality, the characteristic that stands out most in them is their ability to resolve (49.8%), followed by empathy and perseverance (tied at 47.3%) and l initiative (43.8%).

Pessimistic about youth employment

Asked about the employment situation of young people in the near future, Spanish university students are pessimistic, since 55.8% consider that the situation will be worse or much worse in the years to come, against 33.5% who think that the situation will be better. or better.

In this sense, the vast majority of university students (88.7%) declared that they would agree to change residence in another country for professional reasons. Among the students who will leave Spain for professional reasons, the destinations they would prefer to go to are: the United States (29.5%), Germany (17.3%), the United Kingdom (12 , 2%) and Canada (12.2%).

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